Sidamo Ethiopia – Light Roast – 1 lb. $15.99

A very interesting varietal in that it counters the trend of dark, rich coffees American consumers have favored of late. This bright, lemony brew has a hint of eucalyptus. Heavenly aromatic, this lighter roast is terrific for those who find the “big” coffees of the gourmet world a bit too much. This is the best morning coffee out there.

Malabar Indian Monsoon – Light Roast – 1 lb. $14.99

The greatest espresso blender on earth! This light roast yields lovely, ethereal fruitiness with back notes of pipe tobacco, molasses, and nutmeg. If added to an espresso blend, it will issue eye-popping crema and deliver a smooth, complex shot. As a brew on its own, it smells heavenly, and with milk, it’s redolent of cookie dough. The original Big Puffy Beans, BFB.

Tarrazu Costa Rica – Medium Roast – 1 lb. $15.99

Have you ever drunk something that had the taste, smell, and above all, feel of being in the exact place where you once were? Aficionados call this terroir, and there probably is no better example in the coffee world of this than the Tarrazu region of Costa Rica. The cup yields a sweet, nutty and caramel-y aroma. The flavor is tangy and mysteriously fruity. Don’t get us wrong; it’s coffee! But with the kind of terroir that puts you right there in the tropics.

Supremo Colombian – Medium Roast – 1 lb. $15.99

Bright, nutty and caramel-y, our Supremo is a splendid way to start the morning. Medium- to heavy-bodied, this particular varietal comes from a very conscientious Colombian grower.

Papua New Guinea – Medium Roast – 1 lb. $15.99

These beans are from the same root stock as those of the highly regarded Jamaican Blue Mountain. But truth be told, this stuff is better than any Blue Mountain coffee could ever hope to be. Fact is, the soil of Papua New Guinea is magnificently rich and the growing elevation is about 5000 feet higher. This critical difference yields an amazingly complex combination of pungent, earthy aromas and an exotic hint of mango and papaya on the palette. Medium-dark roasted, our Papua New Guinea is full-bodied, perfectly balanced and has a fresh, clean flavor.

Mandheling Sumatra – Dark Roast – 1 lb. $15.99

Put on your seat belts! Here is a massive coffee roasted fairly dark. Our Sumatra is earthy, woodsy, and above all, smooooth. Everyone within 30 feet of the pot will gravitate (float?) toward this brew. The huge, sinuous aroma alone is worth the price of admission.

Sulawesi – Dark Roast – 1 lb. $15.99

Resting smack dab in the middle of the majestic archipelagos of Indonesia, is the island of Sulawesi. The coffees it issues are of extraordinary expression. These large beans are earthy and complex on the palette, with generous olfactory notes of maple syrup. The way we roast it (just as the oils seep out) displays a lush, buttery-caramel sweetness with an astonishingly well-balanced acidity. Germany and Japan get almost all of this crop but psst . . . we have a connection.

Harrar Ethiopia – Dark Roast – 1 lb. $15.99

In the last few years the beans of Harrar have been harder and harder to get. And why not? With its syrupy body, and prized aromas of exotic spice and blueberry, the demand for this varietal has soared. Find out why this coffee is so coveted.

Colombian Decaf – Medium Roast – 1 lb. $14.99

Our only decaf because we love this lady so much, there was no point in looking elsewhere. Evenly-bodied with silky mouth feel, and excellent fruitiness.

King Cyrus Blend – Medium/Dark Roast – 1 lb. $15.99

Alchemy proudly presents this as their house blend. The King Cyrus is a combination of African and Central American coffees ROASTED SEPERATELY for optimal flavor. Along with the dark hues of chocolate and fine, red wine so idiomatic of African coffees, it also has just the right amount of brightness and nuttiness of top-shelf Central Americans. The result: A big but beautifully balanced coffee that some of our customers swear smells like German chocolate cake.