A Roast Master’s Pledge

Any one of a hundred things can alter the taste of your cup of coffee. Make one mistake in the process, from the moment the bean is plucked from the tree, to that very first sip of freshly brewed coffee, and you will have compromised the beverage. We proudly give to you, what we perceive as perfection, in these first critical stages of a roasted coffee’s development. Allow us to count the ways.

Alchemy Coffee House works with a wholesale bean supplier who deals directly with just a few specialty-grade growers from around the world. By focusing on a small number of the world’s most sought-after coffees, our supplier is able to maintain magnificent control. Quality is of paramount importance.

Having the world’s greatest coffee does not mean a thing, unless you have the world’s best roaster. After much research, Alchemy Coffee House chose Diedrich Manufacturing, for its superior distribution of heat and critically important air control functions.

We have also discovered the single most critical step in good coffee: getting the hot, freshly roasted beans to room temperature as soon as possible. Coffee is generally 400 degrees when it is unleashed from the roasting drum. If it takes more than 6 minutes to get to room temperature, it leaves the coffee with a “baked” taste. Coffee that cools down quickly, exhibits extraordinary flavor profiles that are idiomatic of the varietal.

Alchemy has the ability to roast 25 pounds at a time but we have discovered that between 18 thru 20 pounds, we have much more control over the quality of the beans. Sure there is a lot of time and money saved by roasting tons of coffee at one time and being done with it, but that causes imperfections and we want you to have every single bean in your bag to be perfect.

Lastly, you want an experienced and passionate roaster who has discovered the idiosyncrasies of the select offerings and has attentively roasted them to the zenith of their beauty. We encourage you to read about our coffee here.